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Pe2M printers

Our high-performance printer series fulfills a wide range of requirements, from fast ISO card printing to the personalization of large-format passes - thanks to the optional turning unit on some models, it is also possible on both sides.

2XL+ – The Accreditation Printer for large sized plastic badges

The Pe2M 2XL+ is the next generation of our proven 2XL printer and was developed especially for the personalization of professional large size accreditation badges.

2XL 2.0 – speed and precision for oversized cards

The 2XL 2.0 card printer for oversized cards is a successful development and can offer a variety of new features that make working with it even faster, easier and more efficient.

2XCR100 – security in focus with oversized picture ID cards

Safety in public buildings, in hospitals and airports, but also in large events is becoming increasingly important. To meet the increased safety requirements, CR100 image cards are a good and reliable tool. They are the modern answer to the increased security challenges.

2Xtended – Xtended in form factor and security

The 2Xtended card printer for plastic cards in the special format not only prints longer plastic cards, but also offers you even more security features and more possibilities to print advertising and relevant content on your credentials.